Have you been caught speeding? It can happen to anyone. A lapse of concentration at the wheel in the wrong place and time can result in a minimum of 3 points endorsed upon your licence. As well as the points a fine will normally be imposed and there are further considerations beyond in relation to your insurance premium. We have conducted many speeding trials and have achieved acquittals for many clients in the past including public figures. Speeding trials can be incredibly complex and often involve a challenge to the accuracy of the speed measurement device used by police. These challenges require certain statutory procedures to be followed and require certain expertise at trial. We have the experience required to give you the best possible chance in any speeding case.

We regularly conduct speeding trials in some of the busiest areas for proactive road traffic policing in Scotland including Dumfries, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness. In these places the specialist traffic police are particularly experienced in the detection of speeders. They are very diligent when it comes to the many procedures and legal provisions that must be strictly followed to succeed in prosecuting anyone accused of speeding in a Scottish court.

Accept speeding and worrying about points? We regularly conduct pleas in mitigation in relation to speed cases. We have saved many licences in speeding prosecutions. If you are facing disqualification due to excessive speed our solicitors can plead with the court to keep you on the road. If you are simply looking to restrict the penalty points for speeding to an absolute minimum then it is well worth having our speeding lawyers on your side.

Dispute a charge of speeding? If you know you were not doing the speed alleged then the speed detection device must have been faulty in some way. Our experts can challenge the accuracy of any speed gun, giving you the best chance of showing that the speed recorded by the police was inaccurate.