Road Signals & Signs

Any driver who fails to comply with a traffic sign or signal is liable on summary conviction to a fine and the imposition of 3 penalty points. The court also has a discretion to disqualify. This offence applies to any road signal or sign lawfully placed in terms of the act. In practice the most common contravention by far is the failure to comply with a red traffic light.

Virtually every driver will have taken a chance as an ‘amber gambler’ at some point in their time on the road. Whilst we do not condone this practice we accept that it occurs on a daily basis and can often result in finely balanced disputes between police and drivers. These cases often require to be decided at trial. Complex considerations arise relative to the positioning of all individuals involved and the sequencing of certain sets of traffic lights. We have succeeded in many cases of this type in the past and could do the same for you.