Reduction in Drink Driving Ban

Section 34A of the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988 allows the court to make an order specifying that a person convicted of drink driving may reduce the length of their ban by a maximum of one quarter by attending a rehabilitation course. The court will always require persuasion to take this course of action. If an order under section 34A is imposed in your case then you will be given the option of attending a relevant rehabilitation course at your own expense.

If you complete the course by the date specified in the order then a certificate will be issued which you can provide to the DVLA when applying for your licence. If for example you are banned for 12 months for drink driving and an order under this section is made then you may only serve 9 months of your ban if you comply with the order. We have successfully persuaded the court to allow many of our clients to attend rehabilitation courses over the years. We have cut the length of many bans as a result and could do the same for you.