The GATSO is the most widely known speed camera. Its bright colouring and familiar shape are well known to almost every motorist in Scotland today. As a consequence of the bright colouring these devices are easily seen by drivers. There are still however a great deal of drivers caught speeding every year by GATSO cameras. 

The most common types of GATSO camera measure approaching vehicle speed using radar. If a vehicle is travelling over a certain speed the camera will take two photographs in quick succession. The vehicle speed is calculated using the vehicle position relative to the calibration lines on the road in the two separate photographs. The pictures are taken using a bright flash that illuminates the vehicle registration plate. This allows the registered keeper to be traced. The police procedure involves sending a notice of intended prosecution to the registered keeper with a requirement under Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. This requires the registered keeper to identify the driver of the vehicle at the specified time. Failure to comply with a 172 requirement is a separate offence that can result in disqualification or penalty points. If you have received a 172 requirement please see our separate section Section 172 Requirement

There are various issues that can be raised in a trial involving a GATSO camera. These can range from challenges to the calibration certificate for the individual camera to the measurement of the calibration lines on the road. We have considerable experience in conducting cases involving GATSO speed cameras. If you have been flashed by a GATSO camera and need advice or representation please contact us immediately. 

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